Monday, 27 June 2011

Monsoon season?

Sunday morning and yet more rain. Fairly warm, and a tinge of humidity.
Too wet to garden. I decided to make a start on the transformation of the Summer House, or as we have now come to call it, The Shed. Partly as we feel it a bit pretentious having a Summer House!
What a difference, just having done a few panels, with one coat. So much brighter.

In the afternoon we drove off to Strichen and my Rotary's Duck Race. Still pouring with rain, but our chef put on a brave face cooking kippers and burgers.

The two legged kids made friends with the four legged kids.

Ducks were launched from the bridge.

Other friendships were made.

And they're off!!

The River Ugie which eventually comes out at Peterhead.

We all had a lovely afternoon. Even though we were all pretty soggy by the end. Some of us extremely soggy on the inside. It is an essential of our Duck Race Afternoons to glug quite a lot of wine.

Today the weather remained as soggy. After some internal debate as to what I should be doing and deciding I dont really like the word 'should', I decided to return to the site of the duck race and buy some perennials to go in the front garden, its got to stop raining someday. As I was walking towards the poly tunnels I could see what I thought were masses of yellow flowers. Inside, there were all the ducks having been blasted with the hose sitting in trays and drying! Then being packed up in their sacks, into number order. I did offer to help but there was a merry band of men singing loudly having great fun, so I left them to it.

I cam home to find Mike had managed to do some work on the hedge in between down pours. Another transformation.



Defeated by another downpour. So yet another 'work in progress.' I shall have to work out the Latin for this and put it on our Family Crest.

Yes, I know, I know - another 'work in progress'.

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