Saturday, 18 June 2011

Think I'm Gonna Leave right now........

The moon taken on the night of the eclipse. It was said we would not see the eclipse here, as the moon would not have risen till after the event. Still looks a bit spooky to me.

The Summer House all lit up and festive. Solar panelled fairy lights.

One of the daughter's partners. He just loves something physical to do so we got him to remove the coal bunker. We even went and bought him a sledge hammer.

Eldest daughter, heading for third trimester and blooming.

And heres me, with another daughter's partner.

Grandson number one, in 'his' car. (Its actually mine!)

He's a right poser. As soon as he sees a camera he says "Cheese."

Am I unnatural in feeling its all too much? We have seven more adults and a lively grandson in the house. All being very helpful and making things, i.e. cooking. All the dirty plates and bowls and pans piled high, falling over each other - and us.

I volunteered for, yet another trip to, the supermarket this morning just so I could have some time on my own!

It has finally stopped raining, but I still wont get my planned garden party. We are going to be standing room only this evening. I wish I hadnt invited everyone we know....

The table is groaning under a ton of food, I still have to organise a clean through, vaccing and tidying stuff from said seven adults and grandchild away. Get myself changed and into party mode, when really I am totally shattered and would like to go to bed!

Guess this is old age.

I know how the moon must have felt, totally eclipsed.

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