Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Woken up last night by this. Wowee. At least we didnt have to water the pots today.

Brightening up the fence are these lovely troughs of plants. Mike bought three troughs from B& Q, and then called on our friend who runs the garden, by Strichen, to advise on filling them. Normally where the price comes to less than a round figure we say we dont want any change, but today the young man was learning how to give change so we got some!

Here is how they look. I have now decided I want more! He had planned this for the view from the kitchen window, but they really need to be along the whole length of the fence to give proper impact. Next year I should be organised enough to have grown my own plants. I think I may well be sourcing some sort of greenhouse.....

The blobs in between are, yet more, bird feeders.

Today I saw a whitethroat, which was a first for me. He, well probably she from the colour, was scooting about in the hedge outside the kitchen patio window. I looked twice and then again, thinking, what's that? Then I looked in the book and there it was - a whitethroat. I should have googled it and been able to show you, no good doing it now as I still havent mastered putting photos on the blog where I want them. It has taken me ages to remember that last is first on here....

Meanwhile I was inside with my old friend, the paint brush. If you remember we have this ghastly paper in our hallway, stairs and landing. Well - no longer. Mike finally got the right paint. Dulux Cotton White. What a difference. So much brighter.

The picture below shows a before image. It has pink in it, shiny pink, yeuk. And is dull everywhere else. It isnt dirty, but it looked it.

The painting is by a local artist and is of the Roanheads in Peterhead, the old part which was the fishing village. Still is with lobster fishing. Thats what the boats are in the picture. Having a day off.

I am intending to carry on with the painting tomorrow. I should finish the hall. Well, thats the plan. Then there are the stairs to do. Not keen on doing stairs. I shall probably move on to doing the landing first. Then the parts of the stairs I can reach. Then I shall have to talk nicely to Mike.

The place where I have ordered the wool from for my baby cardigan havent any in stock at the moment. They phoned today. I wont be getting it till the end of next week. There was me gearing up for a knitting marathon, should the weather be unkind to gardeners. So, I may well have a trip to Peterhead, where there is a wool shop or two. I can always have a practice.

After I have finished the painting.

And barring more thunderstorms - does lightning travel down knitting needles? Just picture that!

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