Thursday, 6 April 2017

THURSDAY - just a normal day.

It was still very windy today, in excess of 20 mph.  But it was a warm wind.  I said I would walk so I did.  The wind was off the shore towards the horizon.  So it got you both ways.  Going and coming back.  At least my windburn is matching up nicely.

A first for me was this fisherman.  I have never seen anyone fish from the shore here.  But just look how comfortable he is !

The usual Gull gang and Surfers.

Other excitements of the day.  I lost one of my hearing aids.  We went up and down the Esplanade.  Looking floorwards.  Although with the wind the DP had already muttered, "Halfway to Norway now."  

The DP gutted my car.  

We came home.  

Examined every inch of the drive.

I found it on the bathroom floor.

I do not have a joiner coming to discuss the cladding of the Summer House.  As for the third time he has cancelled with me as he is "Working nights."  As I want a joiner who comes in does the job in as short a possible time I somehow dont think this chap is going to do that.  Thanked him for his time..... Search again.  It has to be done by September.  Am I being a tad optimistic?

The Grey Heron just needs the tree he is perching on finishing.

Sith continues to ignore the fact there is a rat in the garden.


Gail, northern California said...

Are all contractors -- worldwide -- in the cat's seat? That's an arrogance I don't understand.

If you don't have time, tell me---upfront---but don't leave me hanging for weeks on end until you decide to deign me with your presence.

I truly understand your frustration. If he can't be bothered to even show up to look at the job and provide an estimate, the actual work will take forever.

Good riddance.

Glad you found your hearing aid.

Gail, northern California said...

Forgive the rant yesterday but you struck a nerve. ;-)

justjill said...

Worry not Gail, northern California, I know the nerve very well.

e said...

It's a good thing he did not actually start and then disappear for reasons unknown...Your cat is certainly enjoying that bit of sun. Happy Saturday.