Monday, 10 April 2017

Monday - again!

The Eldest daughter and children departed yesterday.  Lovely to have them.  The older boys are 8 and 5 and the gap is sufficient for them to be very caring towards their new sibling, altho the 5 year old is a bit OTT.  Probably as he is no longer the 'baby'.  My four were all at one time under 5, which looking back was a nightmare, but I qualified for a home help !  To be honest I do not remember much .

This is after they were out of nappies.  Although I do appear to have lost an ear ring.  And I certainly dont remember much.  This was at a nieces wedding in Glasgow.  I do remember missing the wedding as the one on the left twisted her knee and she and I spent some time in Casualty...... but as you can see we made the reception.

The Weaver of Grass it spot on when she commented 

I can imagine you will be pretty wrung out when they go home.

Wrung Out!  They left about 10 a.m. The Dawn Patroller disappeared to catch up on his bird watching.  I got washed, dressed, and thought what am I doing?  And went back to bed.

Today ah.  Up and bathed, hair washed.  Up and at em.

The Gardener and his FIL arrived and removed the damaged hedge and the destroyed fence.

I  just await the car/tractor/lorry ending up in the garden.

But tomorrow the fence goes up in the gap.

We can then think about a wild life welcoming hedge on this side of the fence.

While they were hoiking the Leylandii out I went off to the beach for my .59 of a mile walk.


I then went down to the shedudio and probably ruined two paintings.

Tuesday may be better.


e said...

Beautiful girls and I think I'm in love with the painting of the ginger cat...

The Weaver of Grass said...

The blue of the sky is just unbelievable - hope there is warmth there too because down in North Yorkshire it is freezing cold.