Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Mainly Rubbish.

There has been somewhat of a hoo ha on Facebook on the Fraserburgh New Photographs page.  The theme this month is Landscapes and Seascapes by the way.......!!!

Following the fire on the sand dunes.

There were many comments about kids having nothing better to do et al.  

Then the  Fire Brigade said it was not deliberate.

So we then moved on to the rubbish people left.  Which they do. 

Some chap had gone up to where the fire had been and collected three bags of rubbish. Thence followed many rants.  

The Cooncil did naething. etc. 

 But some of us piped up and said the Cooncil did do lots, (They are there most days ) as did those on Community Service , (one comment was Bring Back National Service) - and some of us too.

My haul today.  As on many days.  I just do it.

That did shut some of the more vicious ranters up.

I hope to see more walking up the prom with a rubbish bag, but fear my hope will be in vain !!!

Deep breath.  Our fence posts are now in.

What you cannot see, because of the trees , is the difference in height of some of the posts..  I am sure all will be well.  Here are the horizontals waiting to be nailed in.

Which Sith has just investigated.

Hope the fence is not rubbish.  We are about to plan the nature friendly hedge this side of it.

So you know I did the .59 of a walk today alhough it was breezy and rained, tho not cold.

Now I know why the surfers go out most days.

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Mum said...

Rubbish poem by mum -
There was a dear lady from Frase
Who walked down the prom in a haze (too much vino!)
"I'll pick up the litter,"
She said with a titter,
And soon it became a great craze.

justjill said...

Mum - you are amazing. Your poem is amazing. I will publish it. I so wish it would become a great craze !

The Weaver of Grass said...

It is just the same on our little lane - beer cans, fish and chip
wrappers - just thrown from car windows. Sometimes I take a bag and collect it all.