Sunday, 30 October 2011

What time is it?

The clocks went back last night here in the UK.
In Scotland we heave a big sigh of relief as our daylight hours are increased.
Moves are afoot by the 'baddies' in England, the Westminster Parliament, to change it all and remain on British Summer Time. This would mean in Scotland we would hardly see any daylight at all. Dangerous for children getting to school in the pitch black. Depressing for all those who travel to work, spend their day under electric light, and return home in darkness.

This morning the Dawn Patroller made the most of the change in our daylight hours. For the past few weeks he has been going out for his morning walk in the dark. So no chance of actually seeing anything, or photographing it.

Just look what he has been missing - until today.

A wren.
Whooper Swans in flight.

Roe Deer.

For me - I had the delight of watching ten pheasants play "I'm the king of the castle." Unfortunately no photograph. They took turns to flap up to the top of a hay bale and then launch downwards into the group. Who all duly scattered, ran round in circles and then another went flapping up the hay bale. Hilarious. There are some naturalists who maintain birds don't play. Well this lot were and enjoying every minute. No, they were 'developing their skills'. Isnt that what our children do? Learn through Play.....?
Remember, "What time is it Mr Wolf?"


Annie said...

What beautiful photographs.

I imagine it would be difficult for the most northerly of us if we remain on BST through the winter. But what seems really silly is the plan to have double BST in summer ... do any of us really need that? If we have to have BST in winter I reckon we should have it all year and skip clock changes.

BadPenny said...

Wonderful photos from DP. If ever a bird was playing it was a blackbird having a bath in a bowl of water I put out for the birds... he was having such fun splashing about !
I'm fine about the clock change but my animals are confused post about it in the making !