Sunday, 2 October 2011


I rarely post pictures of my immediate family. But these two photographs are showing some of my harvest.
I have four daughters, each of whom I am immensely proud of. The first shows my eldest daughter, the second my third daughter.
Eldest is due to present us with our second grandson any minute now.
Third daughter isn't due until December. This picture is of her being a bridesmaid yesterday.
Memories come flooding back of when I gave birth to them. Then I remember having four under five and wonder if I should have been certified. Even so, it was far easier giving birth than now wishing I could do it for them!

Here is a spider harvesting !
And probably a few more, surely one spider could not have created all this? Webs on gorse.

Such beauty from such a small creature.

These three are in here as they are admiring the harvested crops! (And keeping an eye on the Dawn Patroller.)

While the rest of the U.K. has been basking in unseasonable sunshine and high temperatures, here in the North East of Scotland we have had grey skies, rain, but yes, a bit more warm than usual.

Hopefully the harvest is all now safely gathered in.

And what isnt yet, wont be long.


Making it vintage said...

Lovely pictures of your daughters, and more grand babies on the way...................isn't life wonderful. x

Lynn said...

A & P look just gorgeous and now I feel old - lol!

Jill said...

Why on earth do you feel old!!! Just wait while your lot start producing, then you can feel old.