Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Terrible Tuesday!

My friend Isobel Gregory. You can google her. She is an artist. In a variety of media. She is also the leading light (a pun!) in The Friends of the Lighthouse Museum. Next week, and the week after we are working with 'The Bairns' on a Halloween themed activity morning.
What this woman can do with a bendy straw is just amazing.
She demonstrated a variety of activities that we, the other Friends of the Lighthouse Museum, are to do with the bairns. I sat there open mouthed. We all sat there open mouthed. We are to make ghosts from bin bags, floating ghosts from balloons, spiders, pumpkins, hovercraft ghouls(?) fireworks in a bottle, skeletons from the stuff you get as packaging in fragile things . All after a demonstration that would put Blue Peter to shame. If you dont know what the hell I am on about then have some sympathy. I watched this woman make all these things and I dont know what I am on about.
What concerns me a wee bit is that, having in the past run a playgroup, and had a daughter who stuffed a lump of blu tak up her nose, that most of the things we are presenting to the bairns to make things with Social Services would hold their hands up in horror. Plastic bags, small round things, scissors that would take pride of place on the operating table, et al. This Halloween theme strikes me with horror! Ho hum. I promise photographs of next weeks gory ghostly gathering. At least their Mother's will be present, the bairns Mothers that is, so we can always blame them.
Back to the start of this terrible Tuesday....
The plan was - builders arrive at 7.30a.m. Which meant I had to be up, showered and dressed at 6.30a.m. They got lost. Arrived at 8.30.
The drill or whatever they call it wasnt tough enough to get through our wall. So they disappeared again. Returning with a heavy duty effort that was plugged in to our electricity....
The joiner was due to arrive at 1p.m. and fit the patio door. The builders were still there. So he went away. He said the door would be delivered at 2p.m. and had to be put near where it had to go.
The patio door was not delivered. Nor was the skip to take away the bits of removed wall.

The builders covered over the hole and left.

Tomorrow the joiner is due at 7.30 a.m............More shock to my system.
A woeful Wednesday?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear - do building works EVER go to plan? I think you should send Isobel Gregory in to sort those guys out!!!

SarahB said...

Gosh, why do home improvements never go to plan?!! I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog....

S x

Gigi said...

Oh dear! Remodels and home improvements never seem to go as smoothly as hoped, do they?

BadPenny said...

I can't wait to see what the Bairns make. I used to help out with art classes at the kids' primary school & was forever collecting paper, pots, bottles etc. We were told we couldn't use loo rolls any longer due to " Health & Safety "