Saturday, 15 October 2011

He's back...

The Dawn Patroller is back on the beat. Today's sunrise artistically portrayed through an electricity pylon.

He is now away before dawn, so he has now got arm bands that flash lights. He, hopefully, will not get mown down, but will probably scare the wild life.

This is Cairnbulg Castle.

Cairnbulg Castle is a z-plan castle situated in Cairnbulg, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Originally known as Philorth Castle it was built in the early 14th century, destroyed in winter of 1308-1309 in the Wars of Independence, and re-built by the Fraser family in 1380. Subsequently, a courtyard and outbuildings were added to the main tower. It is now open to the public by appointment only. Lady Saltoun and Captain Alexander Ramsay of Mar, who was one of Queen Victoria's great grandchildren, lived there for a while but nowadays Katherine Nicholson eldest daughter to Lady Saltoun lives there with her husband Mark and three children Louise, Juliet and Alexander. Lady Saltouns children lived at Cairnbulg while children themselves. Her children were Katharine, Alice and Elizabeth. Alice married David Ramsey and they had four children Alexander, Victoria, George and Oliver Ramsey.

I think this is courtesy of Wikepedia. But I tend to download quite a lot in my excitement of discovery, so fingers crossed I have this right.

What gob smacks me is that THEY STILL LIVE THERE. Should we expect Ruth Watson any day now? Country House Rescue? Do they need it? Dare I make an appointment to view?
It is just up the road from us. You can see it from the old railway line, The Buchan and Formartine Way, as it is now known.

This morning I visited our local library at Cairnbulg.
"You've had this one out before."
I couldn't quite decide whether to respond, "I am a slow reader, " or, "Time you got a better selection then." so remained silent, and smiled.
I like a good crime novel. Scanning the shelves I noted there was not one Agatha Christie (we do have most of hers on our own shelves,) or P.D. James, (ditto). Perhaps they are all out.
I cleared the shelf of Digital Photography Books (3) for the Dawn Patroller. Selected an omnibus of Ngaio Marsh, two out of the three I don't have on our shelves and left.
Wonder how good the library is at the castle?

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Mum said...

Beautiful picture of the sunrise - I don't get up early enough! I don't think I'd like to live at the castle - just think of de-cluttering in there. One of my favourite authors of crime novels is Peter James - there was one of his novels (can't remember which) which was so gripping I couldn't put it down.
Love from Mum