Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wednesday wind and waves.

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse, now the Lighthouse Museum.

We have had strong winds the last couple of days.

Easier to depict by showing the effect on the sea.

Been a bit stormy inside too.

We now have two swivel /recliner chairs and footstools. Now we can really enter our dotage and nod off in comfort.

Purchased on the internet.

It said that these would be delivered without the feet attached. Well nothing was attached. Back, seat, arms, swivel, feet........ All had to be made up, screwed together.
To get this far has taken a lot of hard graft and a fair bit of swearing. It has taken the Dawn Patroller two days now to finally put them together, and we are still 2 screws short for the footstools.

As I ironed the curtains and put in the hooks and the first curtain went up I praised myself. Saying - to myself - "Well Jill, after hanging so many curtains over the years, you finally got it right."
When it got to the second curtain and I was drawing up the gathers and nothing was gathering I realised that I had NOT tied off the bloody string on the end.
I could have cried. But with a bit of tweaking, I dont think anyone will be able to tell.

Both the Dawn Patroller and I have closed the door on our 'new' dining room, perhaps tomorrow we will finally be able to use it.

We will then be able to sit and watch the wind - and wave.


Lynn said...

"Oh bum"
Why is an easy job never bloomin' easy? I have often done that curtain trick.

A Trifle Rushed said...

I have a simple solution for the problems that curtains can deliver, I don't have any.
I envy you the stormy sea!

BadPenny said...

Oh how annoying about the chairs ! Pretty curtains. Hope you enjoy the results of your labour !