Friday, 7 October 2011

Fecund Friday.

This is Orion at just after sunrise. All looks calm.

But we are having a very blustery couple of days. As the cats go out of their cat door the wind catches it and it makes horrible noises. Not so bad in the day, but at night not so good. I had to get up a couple of times and make it shut. Fortunately this only happens when the wind is in a certain direction.
Certainly the wind has also affected the sea. Although this weekend we have the Gathering of the Clans Surfing Competition. There were surfers out practising but a bit too far away for decent photographs.
The birds seem to love it. Young Great Black Backed Gull.
More mature GBBG
Herring Gull. All enjoying the wind.

You wouldn't get me surfing in that lot. Although my stress levels are well pictured here!

Well its fecund Friday as our eldest daughter is moving towards producing our second grandson.
Fecund means fruitful. It is also a day of celebration as it is the Dawn Patrollers birthday.
We are out for a meal tonight with friends. Mobile phone is charged. Whether I can manage to get myself ready and then eat something is a question. Certainly not bothering with the mascara as my hands are shaking far too much.
I know what! A glass of wine. That'll calm me down.


Lynn said...

Can't wait to hear the happy news :) And Happy Birthday Mike. Enjoy your meal both - you can do nothing to help this baby on its way, Jill, so enjoy your evening.

Anonymous said...

Ooh very exciting, a baby on the way or perhaps by now fully in the world. Hope all is going very well!