Monday, 3 October 2011

I don't like Mondays....

Why ever not! Well, yes, I am now retired so Monday is not much different to any other day. But even in the days of 9 till five I, think, I could still stay positive. Most of the time.
This Monday mornings sunrise.

Not seen by me, of course, but the Dawn Patroller. Me, I am still tucked up in bed.

Our grandson, Zachary, was shown a picture of a sheep taken by the Dawn Patroller. He got very excited as nearly three year olds do and shouted, "Donkey!" Which of course it wasnt. So we racked our brains to think of where we could get a picture of a donkey. There are quite a lot of donkeys in the North East of Scotland. Not sure why. Or how they fit into the agricultural scheme of things. My friend Lena has a few to keep the grass down on her acreage at her croft. These were by the side of the main road from here to Peterhead. And were very friendly.
Reason enough to keep them I guess.
And who could resist?
The above is our dining room window. Tomorrow, hurricanes allowing, this will become a patio door. All we need then is the joiner to come and fit the new floor and us to choose suitable viewing of wildlife and anything else really from a comfortable seat. Sitting on the new flooring.

This was the view from the Summer Hoose. As a miniature hurricane swept the rain across the field.

Then the sun came out again and the wind dropped.

Mondays are just as good as any other day. Depending on your state of mind.

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Gigi said...

Oh how nice to get a big new door for viewing your pretty world. And those donkeys are so cute -- makes me want one -- almost ;).
And your daughters are so pretty and have such lovely sweet smiles. No wonder you're proud -- you did good!