Saturday, 22 October 2011

Give me a chair and I'll sit on it.

Well, who wouldn't! Here is Minerva McGonagall sitting on one of our two new chairs for retired people in their dotage. Which she is not. Still on vermin patrol.

Cait Sith, to give him his full name in the Shed on a shelf. Cait Sith is Gaelic for Fairy Cat.

When we got him from the Cat Protection League he was a slim, small, fey thing. So he was named Cait Sith. He then grew, and grew.
We once were at the University of Aberdeen at an RSPB do and in the foyer was a glass case with our Sith in it. Well it looked like our Sith.
The Kellas Cat is a result of a Scottish Wild Cat and a feral cat mating. So it said.
Our Sith was a couple of centimetres off being as big as this Kellas Cat.
And what is really spooky is that the Kellas Cats more colloquial name was Cait Sith.
The Cats Protection League found him in someones back garden, all alone, and would have still been feeding off his Mum who was nowhere to be seen. He spent his early weeks down one of the CP's foster parents bras. I am glad he has forgotten that!

Puzzle cat pretending to be a table upside down. Yet another from the Cats Protection. We know little about his early life. But he is definitely weird. He is the squarest cat I have ever seen. He looks like a table when he is the right side up.

Sunrise this morning. Just to keep up with Land of the Big Sky theme.

Moi - also taking the opportunity to sit on a new chair. Note my look of disbelief. Mainly that as Mike had put the chair together it hadn't collapsed.

Our funky dining room.

Our first Winter visitor one of two Bramblings who came to feed today.

Well, that's Saturday nearly over, off to find a chair to sit in, that hasnt got a cat on it.


Anonymous said...

I loved this post! Very interesting to read about Cait Sith / Kellas Cat, and your other animal family members. Enjoy your new chairs - and what funky dining room chairs you have!

Gigi said...

How good you are to invite all those sweet kitties into your home (which is looking wonderful with your fancy new doors & chairs). A home just doesn't feel like a home without a few critters around, does it? All our cats are orphans too - mostly found by me here and there over the years. I think I have abandoned cat radar ;).

Making it vintage said...

Great post Jill, love your new chairs, but do you have to fight the cats to see who gets to sit in them, lol. xx

BadPenny said...

What brilliant names your cats have. When we lived in Spain we had all kinds of rescue moggies but as some were basically ferral they returned to the wild. I once found a mother & her litter in an old brick bread oven in our garden. When I returned with food, she's moved them all.

Funky dining room !