Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tatties and other Tuesday activities.

Our next door neighbour but one has this amazing farm. Note the wall art.

I have posted pictures on here before of his 'art' work. Dotted all around the place it is.
He rents the odd field and grows tatties (potatoes). At the farm you can buy a bag full, bit fresher than Tescos! Leave the money in an honesty box, so peaceful, no "Please put your goods in the bagging area."
You can also buy jars of his beetroot, pickled, and turnips. So if we do get snowed in, we wont starve.
Just to prove the Dawn Patroller does get up before it is light. He took this photograph this morning. The Eagle sits on top of a gate post of another neighbour.
This lighting up does annoy us a wee bit. Our closest neighbours have lights all around their house which come on at dusk and remain on till dawn. Fortunately you can still see the stars. Our own home has lights at every corner also, but we have them turned off. Only one light is switched on and that reacts to movement which comes in handy when you return home after dark.
The Whooper Swans were heading off to feed.


And the second of our Friends of the Lighthouse Activity Mornings. This picture was actually taken last week. This week I was so busy, there were even more children than last week, that I never got the camera out.
I was in charge of paint stamping and stained glass windows.
Paint stamping was bits of foam on sticks, plastic lids with liquid paint on, sheet of paper and away you go.
The stained glass windows were printed off pictures of ghosts, black cats, skulls, pumpkins. These were placed under a sort of perspex, drawn round, coloured in with felt tip pens, remove the printed off paper, holes into the perspex and a thread put through the holes and hang it in your window. Seemple.
The activity I was most impressed with was at the other end of the tables. Get ordinary cooking salt, get a piece of coloured chalk or pastel crayon, rub like fury with the chalk into the salt and the salt then becomes coloured salt. Clear plastic small drink bottle, add the coloured salts, in layers, poke about with a knitting needle - well the result was amazing. Does anyone remember years ago buying such a thing? Often it would be a glass lighthouse with the layered colours.
Furthermore the scoops for the salts was made from the bottom of a plastic bottle and the funnel to put the salt into a bottle was created from the top of a plastic bottle upended into the main one. I tell you I wish I had known about all this when I ran a playgroup. The kids today loved all of it.
I returned home totally exhausted!
Tuesday has also been a day of strong winds, rain and hail.
The Dawn Patroller has been sorting out the radiators. There is just one which is not obeying instructions. Despite being hammered, which does sometimes work.....
It could be wacky Wednesday tomorrow.

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Annie said...

How lovely to be able to buy your root veg at the farm ... we have a farm shop in the village, so an improvement on Sainsbury's in the town, but it's still a shop!