Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Trepidacious Tuesday.

I know it is Wednesday. Its taken me a while to recover from yesterday.
The Friends of the Lighthouse Museum were mustered at 9.30 a.m. to receive final instructions before the doors opened at 10 for our activity morning.

There were hordes of children. All were supposed to be accompanied by an adult, but one woman brought seven children!

Skeletons made from packing chips. Apparently they are made from starch, so all you have to do is dampen them and they stick together. Amazing.

Ghosts made from bin liners and carrier bags. Health and Safety would have thrown their hands up in horror. Plastic bags and kids. Not one tried to put them on over their heads.

Finger painting without the mess. Paint poured into sandwich sealable bags. Then squish away. Using a cotton bud draw in it. (cotton buds ye gods, glad there was no-one from Social Services.) Not one child poked one up their noses.

Spider made from the packing chips.

Just look at the concentration. Elsie to the right is making a streamer of ghosts. Elsie on the left is drawing a spider.

This was my corner. Not sure what you call it. But you fold paper, draw round the shape of a ghost, cut it out being careful where not to cut and you end up with a string of ghosts. We kept getting twins, till I got the hang of it!
In my past I have spent years caring for children. When my children were tiny I became a child minder. As they grew I set up a playgroup in the village. At the age of 40 I went back to education and retrained and became a Nursery Nurse. Adding that to my earlier legal qualification I became an Inspector of Childrens' Day Care. And finally I worked with children who were behaviourally challenged.
We moved up here and set up our b&b - no children.
Yesterday I realised I had no reason to be trepidacious, thinking I was now too rusty. Because kids remain the same delightful sponges of experiences and attention.
We have another session next Tuesday. And I am quite looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

That looks like great fun! (And I love the word 'trepidatious'!) Good for you giving so much to the children of your community. This kind of thing has me hyperventilating, if I'm meant to be an adult in charge.

Jill said...

I made it up - trepidatious!

Anonymous said...

I have heard at least one other person use 'trepidatious'! Funny how that happens.