Monday, 31 October 2011

Just to prove....

to you - and myself - I do not spend the day gawping out of a window or drawing down the shed.
Every morning I clean the house. Vacuuming up cat hair, mopping floors, dusting and re-arranging flowers.

Lilies are my favourite flower. If you go to the supermarket on a Monday there are always reduced flowers, as they over stock for the weekend. With a bit of judicious pruning and clipping throughout the following week I can keep them going and looking beautiful. Most times I only need to buy, at a reduced price, a few stems to add to the vase, the following week.

I managed a quick trip into town this afternoon and bought a set of buttons for the hoodie I have knitted for my granddaughter Neve, who will appear sometime in December.

The sleeves are nearly finished, will be tonight, then I can sew them in and sew on the buttons.
Whilst at the shop, which sells very upmarket curtains and curtain fabric, I discovered they have two shelves full of remnants at incredibly cheap prices.
The shed also is my sewing room and the piece I bought has already been cut out for three cushion covers.

These orchids were also bought at reduced prices and these are the ones I have encouraged to re-flower. They fill the kitchen window, not only beautiful to look at, but provide a bird hide so we can view the bird feeders outside, without scaring any of the birds.

Then in the afternoon, I do return to the shed to do some drawing!

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