Friday, 21 October 2011

Frustrating Friday.

Anyone out there like me and want things to happen yesterday?

Our morning view. The queue for breakfast!
Once the Dawn Patroller returns he has his breakfast and then goes outside to feed the hungry hordes. It took me a while to work out why we were still buying porage oats when neither of us ate porage......This lot pictured above have a trayful every morning.

The DP then changed a bulb in the dining room and still no light. The lighting in there is halogen lights set into the ceiling, which the DP considers to be an invention of the devil. Mainly as it is not energy saving and also he doesnt know how it works when it goes wrong.

So he went off to B&Q in the afternoon while I had my drawing session down the shed.

He returned with all manner of stuff. None of which worked, so a call to an electrician now on the cards. We do have all the other lights in there working, so why this one refuses to join in ......

We also have two radiators refusing to behave. One will not heat up and the other is too hot.
The DP still thinks he can fix this.....But while he is sorting lights out I am c-o-l-d.

He also came back with a load of paint charts and sample pots so we can decide on the wall colour in the dining room.
I may just frustrate him and refuse to do anything about wall colours and the eventual painting of said walls till after Christmas.

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BadPenny said...

We have those unfixable Hallogen lights in our kitchen !
I am going through sackfulls of bird seed & realised that the messy birds are scattering them all over the ground !
Lovely drawings.