Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My First Art Class.

Was at Dalrymple Hall in Fraserburgh.

I have tried hard to give you a history lesson about this building but it has been difficult. It was owned by someone called Dalrymple and he gifted it to the town before scooting off to the other side of the world, but what he did before that to make enough money to build such a place needs more research.
It did however have a Beatles Concert back in the sixties. So I have a warm feeling towards it. I first saw the Beatles before they were famous, and again before they became really famous. The second time I had to be rescued by a St.John's Ambulance person, possibly being the first ever person to surf the crowd.
I have not showed you the other side of the building which is all boarded up waiting for Hysterical Scotland to decide what to do, or what to allow anyone to do. (Historical Scotland.)

This is Louise M Hewitt our art teacher.

Unfortunately this was not what we were given to draw/paint/drool over.

I got a conker, a twig and a leaf.

The Dawn Patroller asked if I had learnt anything. "How to spend money, "I replied.
Then zipped through a few web sites ordering water colours, brushes, paper as this is a Water Colour Painting Course.

I have since discovered that some of the Knitting Nancies have got into a life class at the local college at reduced prices as they are all pensioners. One consolation is that they are all disgruntled as so far the models have all been female and they could have just looked in the mirror.

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BadPenny said...

I do know how to prounounce Dalrymple as I knew an elderly lady with that name ! Lovely building. What a shame about the life model ... but your drawing is very lovely.

I went to art college & the train was late on the day of our first life we all rushed in & settled down quickly. The model was young & gorgous but we had no time to be embarrassed !!!

How funny about the Knitting Nancies !