Saturday, 8 October 2011

Happy Birthday in more ways than one.

Eldest daughter was seen by the obstetrician yesterday morning. Sent home to wait for call to say bed awaiting her - so as to then get things moving. ....... I thought hmm you may have to wait a while.

We went out for our Birthday meal for the Dawn Patroller with friends.

Absolutely lovely, puds out of this world.
Then the phone rang. "Mum you have your second grandson."
She had gone home, had lunch, and then the waters broke and she was in labour, strong labour. So she didn't have to wait for a bed! She did it all by herself.

10lbs 2oz. Ye Gods. Theo. Welcome to the world.

Back to the more mundane. This morning Kevin the joiner arrived. 8.30a.m. while I was still on cloud nine.

I not only have a scrumptious grandson number 2 adding to scrumptious grandson number 1, I now have a beautiful dining room. But sod the dining room, I know which achievement this weekend is the best!
It's all too much. Glass of wine. Cheers to all.


Making it vintage said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby grandson Jill, hope mother and baby are both doing well, I'll raise a glass of wine with you tonight. x

Anonymous said...

awe, theo looks beautiful, lovely news, congrats to all xxx
love the dining room - very nice - hope to see ur fab house one day!!!
Love Sam x

Lynn said...

Many congratulations and another beautiful name.

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations!