Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tidy up Thursday!

Yesterday morning I ended up driving around for an hour and a half up and down country lanes, visiting the sea, seeing a seal, and lots more pink footed geese coming to spend the winter with us. Pictured above.
I had gone out to buy the paper, 3 mile drive to the nearest shop. On my return there was a large van blocking my entry onto our land.
"Give us a minute we are unloading the door."
So I tootled off. Did a circular tour and returned. Still a large van blocking the drive. So I tootled off again. I phoned Mike and asked him to let me know when I could come home. Meanwhile I finally got to drive up the roads I had always wondered where they went, including one with green grass up the middle which always worries me. But all was well. Then I got the phone call to say I could return.
At last we had a very large hole.

And eventually - a patio door.

Still to be finished off by the builders. Hope they aren't long about it as their is a very welcoming rodent doorway below the human doorway.
But it is well worth it as this morning, from our patio door we viewed this.

So with that uplifting view in my mind I cracked on with removing the dust from every, and I mean every, surface, despite keeping doors shut....Just trying very hard to get the joiner to come and lay the floor in the dining room before Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see some progress has been made, even if it entailed enforced car touring for a few hours! You will love those doors and the view.