Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A day in the life of....a Knitting Nancie.

Note the gap beneath our new patio doors. We have lived with it for three weeks. Hopefully the vermin population roond and aboot have not moved in. What was increasingly annoying was the wind did move in and howled around underneath our feet. So I emailed pictures of said hole on Monday morning to the suppliers/fitters.

It worked. Two builders arrived and cemented in a couple of layers of breeze blocks and then went away.
Not before I witnessed one of them having a pee up the bund. Unfortunately I did not have my camera...... Though he must have known I could see him from the Summer House.....
So still unfinished, still piles of rubble, and does anyone remember Lindisfarne going to have a "Wet up the wall."?! You get the picture. Without it.

I said I would never return. But I have. Back to school.

This morning our merry band of Knitting Nancies (!) helped various primary school classes at a local school meet their Challenges.
Isobel and I were showing groups of four how to make pom poms.
Another class were being taught 'Cats Tails', which is North East Scotlands take on French Knitting.
And another class were being taught how to knit.
Isobel and I had the youngest. Hence the pom poms.
The head teacher had already explained to us that they had many children for whom English was not their first language. We have many migrants from Eastern Europe. Walk round Tescos and you dont understand a word.
Having said that I still have difficulty with those who are born and bred here. As I have tried to explain before on this blog the vowels are totally different to the ones I was taught. So I did think the head teacher could have said that none of the children had English as their first language!
Then it was on to the Lighthouse Museum for coffee and a big discussion on whether we would have got nits/head lice from the kids...... Once that was finished I explained about worms. No one had a fancy piece....
Remember this? Our Under the Sea display of knitted fish at the Lighthouse Museum.
It was time for us to remove what hadn't already gone.
The mermaid had gorn orf in a pushchair to a local nursery and is now called Anastasia and makes regular trips out, in the push chair, with the nursery kids to entertain the 'old folks'.

That enormous fishing net, no-one wanted.
It is now in the back of my car.
As I explained to the bemused Dawn Patroller I would drape it from the ceiling in the Summer Hoosie/Art Studio/Drinkers Den and hang fairy lights, oars, shells, and it would be a great decorative feature.
He went off muttering. Divorce. Are you mad. And other stuff.

But before I came home with the wonderful orange thing we Knitting Nancies became Ladies Who Do Lunch.
Fraserburgh is really a town that appears to be on its last legs. BUT we have a department store, Maitlands, which has a wonderful cafe/restaurant. So we adjourned/got blown there, and had soup of the day - which really was fantastic. (Green pea or chicken and sweet corn.)

We had Valerie entertain us throughout the meal, which rather too much information, about her grand daughters wedding when she, Valerie, will be wearing a Hatinator (?) midway between a hat and a fascinator. Her designer shoes from Portugal and - to my horror - that the wedding would have no alcohol! Glad I havent got an invite. Though there was lots of advice as to how she could still imbibe. Bottle of whatever down the cleavage and a straw.
Cait Sith and I adjourned to the Summer House for my chill out session. When I sat and thought about my day.
Never, ever thought I would be a Knitting Nancie.


lily said...

This post made me chuckle, many times after helping at the local primary school with readers or swimming, I came home with unwelcome guests and had to de-louse......fun times.

I think if I'd have caught the builder doing a Lindisfarne against one of my walls I may have turned the garden hose on him....ugh! x

Lynn said...

Jill said, Never ever thought I would be a Knitting Nancie"

It comes to us all my darling, it comes to us all!!!
Look behind Sith in the photo - surely you have not knitted bloomers with them there kiddies??!!!!!!
Love ya Nancie.
Until tomorrow.

A Trifle Rushed said...

Oh Jill, what a great post. I am laughing so much! It sounds like not a dull moment is to be had in the north of Scotland.
Good Luck with the PomPoms!

Annie said...

A mermaid in a pushchair ... how delightful. And pompoms ... it's a life time since I made pompoms!