Sunday, 16 October 2011


I hate city shopping. The travel. The heat inside the shops, the pushing and shoving customers. The trail back round again in case you missed something.
So I am well pleased with the internet.
I get up, showered, dressed.

Zoom out to see the Whooper Swans passing over head.
And they do whoop, more a whup, but totally different to the call of the geese.

Although they do fly in skeins like the geese in a v shape. Though the ones above have gone off on a detour on their own.

This morning I booked a holiday cottage. I bought curtains for the dining room. Christmas present for a grandson. Went back outside to hear and watch the skeins of geese passing over. Off to feed.
Then bought two reclining chairs for the dining room so we can chill out and watch the wildlife. This morning deer wandered about the field at the back.

The Dawn Patroller returned with a sad picture.

We haven't yet found out where there is a badger sett. Sadly this is our only evidence that they are around.

And here is Richard with his greyhounds. Richard cares and trains for two greyhounds at a time. He gets to keep one. He doesn't know which one. He then places it in a kennels that trains them up for racing. And hopefully it is a winner. Well these both look fantastic. Fingers crossed Richard.
Greyhounds are really lovely dogs. But I don't think they mix well with cats......
Richard helped us remove our many feet high Leylandii and gave us our view at the rear.

An absolutely beautiful day we have had today. Warm, no wind, washing out on the line. House cleaned. Windows open - lots of fresh air.

Looking forward to all my internet purchases arriving this week.

Shopping without the blood, sweat and tears.


Lynn said...

That top photo is my most favourite ever. That doesn't sound grammatically correct does it? Oh well - art is supposed to get you like that!
When you have your exhibition definitely include that one and send it to all compettitons!

Anonymous said...

I second Lynn about the swan photo! They are majestic. I have just returned from shopping in town with my 13-year-old daughter who hates it (unless it involves a bookshop or art supplies). I don't mind town if it isn't too busy - 9 am is good - and if I can go to some museums and have a good cup of coffee.

Thank you very much for your extremely encouraging comment on my blog (if it was the same Jill?).

A Trifle Rushed said...

Tell Richard to keep them both! The brindle is the spit of my lovely boy, I hqve never seen one so similar looking. They mqke the best pets.