Sunday, 9 October 2011

Surfing Saturday and a somnolent Sunday.

Well it was going to be a somnolent Sunday til I remembered I hadnt quite finished the jacket for this new arrival, Theo, who didnt want to leave the womb. But now had. So a bit of a mad hour sewing seams and buttons on.
I was then able to relax and have the somnolent Sunday. And reflect on the Surfing Saturday.

Many years ago I spent a year in Cornwall. And learnt to surf. I seem to remember having half a wet suit. The top half. Which was quite sufficient to keep me warm and comfortable.
I could not believe anyone could be so keen as to surf in the North East of Scotland. But they do.

In the North Sea.
I would now need at least a full wet suit, fur coat on top and a woolly hat. Oh - and Ugg boots.

A grey day in Fraserburgh tries to emulate Hawaii.

The moves are still the same.

But instead of a sun tan our surfers are distinctly ruddy faced. Note - this one has gloves on but no hat!!!
I hope he comes back up again without hypothermia.


Mum said...

Hi, just returning a visit. I have enjoyed reading bits of your blog and congratulations for the latest recruit to your family. Your newly decorated room looks lovely. Happy downsizing and retirement.
Love from Mum

Lynn said...

Love the jacket.