Saturday, 29 October 2011

New Neighbours!

The field across the road from us has had it's barley cut and the round bales of barley straw remain.
This afternoon we had friends round for coffee and cake. (Served on paper plates suitably displaying Halloween ghouls and ghosties.) When we noticed that there were a lot of sheep at the other side of our front hedge.

Shepherds nowadays use quad bikes to direct the sheep.
But they still need a sheep dog.
Here they all are wandering around like lost sheep. And indeed there was one. A woman came running down and said there was one in her garden. The farmer shot off on the quad bike and returned with one on his knee and put it into the field. Everyone, well us and the farmer, were grinning and cheering.
The Dawn Patroller went off to Fraserburgh earlier in the day and saw this Guillemot in winter clothes.
And flags on boats.

While I was down the shed - still practising me drawing.

Just hoping the new neighbours dont party till dawn. Baa.

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