Sunday, 10 June 2018


When I read your posts I always think the sea air must be doing you such a lot of good - surely you are much better than you would be if you lived inland would you say?  A comment left today on my previous post.

We live about three miles inland.  I do feel much better if I drive to the beach and take deep breaths of sea air.  The air is clean where we live.  I did try a salt machine for a while!  But it wasnt the same.  The amble along the Prom is also good for my mental health.  COPD is a funny one, the inhalers I have at the moment ask me to suck in the inhalers x 2 somedays I cannot suck.  Daft.  Hey ho.


Terra said...

I agree, the sea air must be good for you, both for your breathing and for your state of mind. I live 3 blocks from the sea and walk there most days.

Bovey Belle said...

I was told by my GP, when first diagnosed with asthma, that horses were the worst thing for me and I would end up in a wheelchair unless I gave them up (I didn't, but life changed and I was away from them for a few years, then got horses again. Now without.) She also said I should either live up a mountain or near the sea, as the air was better for me there. I am beginning to think by the sea might not be a bad idea!

I am sure apart from the pure salty air, just seeing the sea daily must give you a lift. I hope so.