Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Withdrawal symptoms.

Not being able to follow my normal routine for two days now.  Walk on Prom done, but no return home to the shedudio.  But it has been worth it.  Multiple times!

Walk first.

Four layers on but quite pleasant.  Got the sea air into my lungs.

Beach and Prom deserted of humans.  Apart from me.  The car park was full with work people mainly, having lunch.  I do wish some would not sit with their engines running.  Chap next to me in car park had his engine running, window wide open, music loudly blasting.  I told him his exhaust was bothering my shut lungs and he apologised and turned it off.  Sometimes I wonder where I get the nasty streak from.....  Coughing my guts up from exhaust fumes,  thats where.

I never tire of watching the Gull Gang.

So - at 4 p.m - I was in.  All finished.

The DP has to paint the new 'trims' with the same paint as the rest of the shedudio.  We have a new security light fitted, lights up with movement.  We do need a new cat door as it got a bit battered.

How it was.

Inside - the joiner is to return and do some more insulation, once that is done the DP will yet again have to wield the paintbrush.

The two opening windows both tilt inwards or open fully inwards.

And the birds are returning to feed.

Male Siskin.

Now I have to sort the interior replacement of stuff out!  Happy though!


Susan Heather said...

It looks wonderful - love the view through the doors.

Mary Bolton said...

It looks wonderful, so happy for you!

rusty duck said...

A great improvement!

kjsutcliffe artist said...

The change is amazing - what a wonderful 'vista' - it was always there, but hidden by all the wooden struts and I just keep thinking of all that light flooding in and how much warmer it will be later on in the year x

Bovey Belle said...

Shedudio AMAZING! You will have so much more light in there.

As for people with their engines running and music blasting out - no brains or consideration.

Terra said...

What a pretty and peaceful view from your shedudio and I like the color it is painted, rather like the sea.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Brilliant with your new big windows and no annoying bits to block the view