Friday, 8 June 2018


Very cloudy today.  Not cold.  

As it takes me most of the morning to wash and get dressed.  It is after lunch I launch myself onto the world outside.  Leaning over the railings on the Prom.

In front of me.

To the left.

To the right.

Gull gang ablutions.

Kessock Burn 'creates' a roundabout.

Out at sea the Lobster Boats were coming out to collect the pots.

Never seen this one before.

Back home.  The DP had done a lot of clearing of the shedudio.

Almost forgot the windchimes!

Having heard nothing from the suppliers of the new windows and doors as promised I phoned them.  Down for delivery today.  As I put the phone down a huge lorry appeared.  Blocked the road totally.  
With one man in it. 
 So the DP had to assist the unloading of eight windows and a pair of doors and the glass to go in them and all the bits and pieces to go with it all.  

Our Postie, love him, said "Nae bother I'll find a way round."

Fortunately the weather forecast is not for strong winds.....

Sith cat relaxing in the Cat Cemetery.  Never seen him sit there before.....

Now waiting for the joiner to tell us when he is going to fit all windows and doors and the etceteras.



Chris Elliot said...

Looks like a mammoth project. Hope all goes well.

mamasmercantile said...

Exciting times, I am sure it will make an amazing difference to the temperatures once they are installed. Love the wind chime.