Monday, 11 June 2018

Monday mutterings.

The joiner was here just after 8 a.m. From then on there were some loud noises of windows being removed.  Drilling etc.

After lunch I went to the Prom.

Still very cloudy and overcast, but a bit warmer.

A strange edifice on the horizon.  Being towed.  Possibly a part of a windfarm on  the Moray coast.  Took/taking a long time.  But far better than the recent huge bits that went by road, only for them to discover it was the wrong one that had held up traffic on its way and really p****d off every one!  So it had to go back the way it came.  You couldnt make it up.

The Gull gang.

Looking as fed up as I am with the overcast weather.

Matters progressed back at the ranch.  The joiner finished just after 4 as the door is a bigger job than the windows.  He didnt want to start it as he could not guarantee finishing it and wanted to leave the shedudio secure.  

But I am well pleased with what he had done today.

As I walked down the slope I had a big grin on my face.

The old doors still in situ but all the windows in.  The bits of wood above will be painted the same colour green as the rest.  Sadly Sith's cat door got a bit battered but that can be replaced.

The left side.  We really need to do some tidying and sorting here!

The right side.  Much better.

From inside out to the bird feeding tree.  The old windows leaning up against the Cherry Tree.  The middle window on both sides is an opening window and all windows have air vents.

And the view out to the garden (and washing line).

I am so pleased!

Tomorrow the double doors will be fitted, they will be larger than the originals.  So much light and no criss crosses of wood.

I just have to rethink the interior furnishing to make the most of the light for my painting and the views for photography.  Yay.  Then it's planning an open shedudio - with cake.


crafty cat corner said...

Oh, so much nicer and those big windows are fab for watching the birds. I think you should move in permanently, its good enough.

Bovey Belle said...

Wow - your shedudio is looking great. I hope the new windows (and doors) will let lots of light in for when you are painting. I am so glad that it delighted you, after your having some down moments recently. We all need some positives now and again. I am guessing we have your share of the sunshine at the moment (gosh, it was hot here!)

If I lived nearer, I'd be up for a slice of that cake : )

Jean. said...

Wow, your shedudio is looking even more fab than before. I agree with Briony, good enough to live in. Wish I had a joiner like that. Poor Sith, now he needs a new door.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Wow that looks amazing and just think of all that glorious light flooding in!

Chris Elliot said...

Your joiner seems to be very quick and efficient. You were lucky to find him!

Susan Heather said...

The shedudio is looking wonderful - I wondered are the new windows aluminium?

mamasmercantile said...

Such lovely views from those windows. I do so wish I lived near enough for the celebration and your open studio.

DUTA said...

Your shedudio looks now a real gem. Well done! Enjoy it!