Sunday, 10 June 2018

A good day now shattered.

The DP and I went to the Prom together after lunch so I could get my lungs full of sea air.  Very overcast again today, find it quite depressing.

Blackheaded Gull.

Herring Gulls drinking from the freshwater Burn.

Lobster boat leaving the harbour.  You can see the haze/mist beyond.

We then noticed the Lifeboat doing sweeps of the bay.  Slowly.  No idea why.  There has been a pod of Orca whales in the area so they could have been having a look see ...  But then it suddenly took off and eventually returned to harbour.  Lifeboats can go extremely fast.  Nice to know when you are struggling in the sea!

We then went to Strichen to view the exhibition in the church.

Lots of paintings - and crafts.  Sadly no red dots on any of mine.

Then we went to The Old Auction Rooms for coffee and the DP had cake.  We were with friends.  Lots of conversation in the exhibition and in the cafe.  I was just about wiped out.

For someone who in most school reports was said to be a 'chatterbox' getting breathless from talking is something of a blow.  No pun intended, I cannot blow either!!

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The Weaver of Grass said...

When I read your posts I always think the sea air must be doing you such a lot of good - surely you are much better than you would be if you lived inland would you say?