Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Plan.

Another lovely weather day.

Up and at em was the theme today as I managed to wash my feet, all ready for the 'foot lady'.  Did my pulmonary physio exercises despite struggling to breathe.

Then for the sea air medicine.

No idea about the tent.  But am really pleased as at the bottom of this photo I actually caught a Swallow in flight!  Small things.....

Lobster boat racing home.

Tomorrow I await a phone call regarding the delivery of the double glazed units for the shedudio.  Tomorrow is also the only time the DP has to move everything to the back of the shedudio.

Table, browser, everything on the window seat/shelf, bird food tubs, small drawers x 3 to move.

Chairs to move, work table to move.

Stuff under right hand side window seat/shelf to move.

To here.

And left of here.

All the new windows and doors have plain glass, no criss crosses, so a clearer view out.

It will all be worth it.............Poor DP.  I have the plan just hope he has the muscle.


Chris Elliot said...

A plan is a good place to start. By the time it is finished it will all be a distant memory. Hope all goes well.

mamasmercantile said...

What a wonderful space, hope all goes well with the double glazing fitting.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Glad you are managing to get your daily dose of vitamin sea ☺ just for a 'jolly jape' I asked Mr Google where my nearest beach was and I was informed it is over an hour away. Knowing the route I would have to take I shall add another 30 minutes to account for the traffic. So, no, I won't be going there today!