Friday, 1 June 2018

Friday faff.

I wasnt going to post today, but I am as it reminds me what I did today!

Very hot.  26 degrees.  

I had to show my ankle to a nurse.  Ankle had an infected pressure sore.  Treatment going ok.  Carry on.  So I was late at the Prom and there were NO disabled spaces left.  So I parked up, got the chariot out, got as far as the railings, took the photo and then thought oh what do I do if someone parks alongside?  I would not be able to get the chariot back in the car.... so I went back and got in the car and came home. 

Because of these stupid road works and the blockage of our road.....

And this is why the road is blocked ????

I had to drive twice as far to get to the surgery and the beach and then back again.

Stripped down to me vest I was in the shedudio with the doors and windows open.

Determined to reduce the pile of work in progress did more on the Gannets.  Just some rocks to put in the right hand corner.  

Then I came back up to the house taking some pictures of the garden.

Amazing flowers this year.

One of the thug Lilac trees.  They take over, spread, kill anything within their reach.  But the smell is heavenly and wafts into the shedudio.

I love Alliums and we have quite a selection.  Here some are next to the Oriental Poppies, still in bud.

And Clematis.

Never had as many blooms as this year and there are two more about to burst forth.

Lots to be thankful for despite all the faff.


Jean. said...

I love the smell of our lilacs. Last year I lost my clematis, like the one you appear to have in the picture. This winter I lost my lovely Passion Flower, a memory of a special place in Cornwall and also of my Grandad. May I ask, on a good day, roads not blocked, how long does it take you to drive from home to your prom? I'd love to be able to pop out to the beach every day.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Despite the strange start to the weather this year, things are flowering beautifully.

justjill said...

Jean it is about ten minutes at the most. I drive up the road turn left drive down past the golf course, turn right at the roundabout which has tesco to the left and lidl straight on and I am there. Today it took me twice as long and its on the road where so many, often fatal accidents occur.....

Terra said...

I love your lilac trees and would love to have some lilac thugs that would spread around, since their scent is heavenly. I planted one lilac a year ago and it is very well behaved and had its first flowers this spring.

Susan Heather said...

Your garden looks lovely

Bovey Belle said...

How beautiful your garden is looking - you have some lovely plantings. My Montana clematis have gone over now - though the white one near the gate is still hanging on to a few blooms and I notice has started along the telephone wire, so I may have to cut it back (Montana not wire!)

How frustrating that you couldn't have your usual walk by the sea - I hope you get there tomorrow. At least you have two supermarkets not too far away. Our nearest ones are in Carmarthen, 10 miles off, and the nearest shop is 3 miles away.

rusty duck said...

I'm coming round to the theory that the garden needs the colder winter we had this year. Even if we didn't! There may have been a few losses but on the whole (rabbits permitting) everything is now booming. As you say, more blooms than ever. Even my roses are looking healthy for once!