Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Tootling Tuesday.

Up, hair washed.  This consists of me pressing knees on the side of the bath and tilting head.  I get very wet as well as hair!  Good job its warm everywhere!

After lunch its Prom time.  I have to say what a pleasure the drive is, it is only about 10 minutes but all the verges are full of blossom.  Cow Parsley, Buttercups, fantastic.  Once past the golf course it is 'wasteland' but in it is swathes of self seeded Stocks.

I try to remember to open my car window as I go past, the smell is heavenly.

I will try to stop and take my own photos but it is a fairly busy road.  Plus I cannot leap out (ha) and snap a picture.  

Quite a lot of surf.  But no surfers.  Just Gulls on the shore.  Tide coming in now.

Lots of juvenile Gulls.

A lone Oystercatcher.  They are mostly absent now and rearing their young.  Quite a few years we had a pair rearing young in a gravel pit underneath the Tesco sign at the entry of Tescos car park!

One of the shelters on the Prom had the Dogs Trust microchipping dogs, giving out leaflets and weighing dogs and offering water for dogs to drink.  As I do not have a dog I was ignored.

A random piece of rubbish.

Which I have to say I feel like.  But !  I will get over that one.

Thanks to all for lovely supportive comments.  I really do appreciate each and every one.


Lynn said...

Totally get it, understand how you are feeling. x

Chris Elliot said...

Take each day as it comes and enjoy it to the fullest. Smelling the flowers is a good start!

Jean said...

I love the cow parsley which fills the sides of the lane where I live. It reminds me of my walks to school as a child. Living in the country, all the surrounding fields have it growing beneath their hedges. How beautiful it must be to have the stocks, such a glorious scent too.
My late mother-in-law had mobility problems. Social services removed the bath from her bathroom, and replaced it with a sort of large wet room type shower. This allowed a plastic seat to be placed in it so that her carer could both wash her and her hair whilst she was seated. Perhaps this idea would be of benefit to you. If you are interested you might want to look into it. She did not have to pay anything.

Bovey Belle said...

Stocks are some of my favourite flowers (Keith bought me a bunch this week, and they are still smelling gorgeous). I love the verge flowers - I was trying to take photos as we went along the motorway yesterday (I was the passenger then!) but impossible to capture at 70 mph.

You have a lovely shoreline there and I hope that the flowers and sunshine are bringing you a little joy.