Saturday, 2 June 2018

It is too darn hot....

So hot today, but as usual as it has been so hot, hits the North Sea (cold) and creates the Haar.  So overcast and misty tomorrow, and a tad cooler.

'My' disabled spot was free today.  So I parked in it.  Got out, to the railings.  

That is the sea below, so clear and clean.

The beach becomes the sea-side.  No kiss me quick hats.  But I am not as comfortable as when the beach is deserted apart from the Gull Gang et al!  So no walk, no room for a walk, and too hot for me, so I came home again.

Both doors open and both windows.  Not a breath of wind.  

Blackbirds being fed, in fact every garden bird frantically feeding young.  It is deafening with all the cheeping and cawing, pleas from the kids to be fed.

Part of my patio.  The headless statue at the rear is Flora, her head is in the plant pot, just waiting for the DP to put it back on again.  Last time he did it someone lent on it and off it came.

This clematis is smothered in buds.  Purple flowers.

On the left of the patio Peonies blooming.

And finally, for today, beautiful Aquilegia.  Love them.

Still sunny and almost 9 p.m. Not getting dark at night as we head towards Summer Solstice.... When the earth will tip again.


crafty cat corner said...

I love Peonies but they fall so quickly don't they?
I would think that the Haar would not be good for your breathing, I know when Tom gets near the freezer dept in the super market it makes him cough.


Chris Elliot said...

Love peonies! Mine are just a bit behind yours - should be in flower next week. It's too bad they don't last longer but I do like to pick a couple to float in a big glass bowl of water.

Jean. said...

Thank you for your reply yesterday. If I lived that close, I would be on the beach as much as possible, walking, collecting shells and driftwood for my creations, deep breathing in the sea air. As it is I have to wait for day trips and holidays. I love my peonies too, I have red ones and used to have a pink one. They came from my Grandad's house, but the pink one has long since died. Mine are over now, just a pile of petals on the garden. Down here in Derbyshire they come out earlier than yours, but got their flowering cut short by being bashed by the heavy storms and wind. Like you, I prefer the beach and prom to myself.

DUTA said...

The photos in your post - lovely as usual.

Catriona Mason said...

We’re just home from Cramond and it was 26C on Friday-I was expiring with the heat and the humidity. Lovely photos as always and of course I have serious studio envy as usual.

Bovey Belle said...

What a lovely beach that is you live close to - sorry you had to forgo your walk again today but hopefully it may be quieter tomorrow and you can have a stroll.

You have the benefit of the most lovely garden though - are all the plantings your own choice or have you just embroidered on what was already there?

Our old stone farmhouse is wonderfully cool on the hottest summer's day, and so I am about to sit in the front hall, on my lovely old oak settle (an indulgence) and read my book . . .

Lynda said...

Your garden is looking lovely Jill! xx