Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Summer is back on.

Hot day.  

Despite all the warnings about bad lungs need to stay in in the midday sun - around 1 p.m. everyday here I am.  I just dont walk so far!

The smaller boats are checking their lobster pots.  The round ball efforts are what floats on the top of the sea and are fastened to the creels.  So they are hauled in and the creel restocked with bait and returned into the sea.

The larger boats catch fish.  Herring is now coming in - a well loved fish here.  Herring in oatmeal is to die for and I am not really a fish lover.  

The huge fishing boats which I rarely see as they are gone for weeks at a time catch Langoustine.  Most of which gets exported.  

Fraserburgh has a fish market at the harbour and the fish boxes go there to be auctioned off.  I keep intending to walk round the harbour and take photographs for a blog, but not on a hot day like this.

The Gull gang enjoying the incoming tide.  

Back home.  Doors and windows open in the shedudio.  This pair of Collared Doves made me smile.  Obviously have sweaty arm pits!

I mentioned to the DP I had had to get photos of the Stocks off the internet.  So when he was driving into town he took these.

'Our' wild Stocks on the sand dunes.  Nature is wonderful is it not. 


Pat Chester said...

Those stocks really are beautiful - wish we had some here. Good to see you getting about. Hope you get your care sorted out soon and it meets your needs. You are so courageous in what you do.

crafty cat corner said...

I can almost smell those stocks. My Dad used to grow them in the garden at home and in the evenings they smelled gorgeous.

Catriona Mason said...

Saw lots of stocks when we were driving home on Sunday and the smell was beautiful for five minutes and then the hay fever kicked in! I’m way too hot this week but I would be fine if I were by the sea.