Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Before Storm Hector.

Bit breezier today.  But nothing like what is forecast.  55 mph gusts when I normally go for a walk tomorrow.  

Tide coming in.

One abandoned Council Dust Cart.

Ah there he is....

Hopefully he is collecting rubbish from the Dunes and does not have his hands in his pockets!

Down to the shedudio and I am still gob smacked at the light coming in.  I want to keep it looking light, tidy (ha ha) and workable.  Two of my three browsers containing mounted paintings.  Bird feeder seeds, fat balls etc. beneath the seat/shelf.

My work table, with chair for my weekly visiting fellow artist.  Piles of work in progress.  Plus three prepared canvases luring me to start more, rather than finishing what I have started.... Two trolleys with materials surround my chair.

Bags full of stuff, another browser, a mess to be sorted.


So - just waiting for my wind to return and then it will be Storm Jill.  Well - actually I do the thinking , then ask the DP to do the transforming and sorting !


Chris Elliot said...

You have plenty to keep you busy for some time to come. It`s wonderful that you have such a gratifying hobby.

DUTA said...

I have a similar rattan chair as yours (bought at Ikea). I love it.
I believe that people reaching the third age should replace the heavy, solid wood furniture with the light, natural rattan, bamboo pieces- things that are strong yet easy to move and take care of. This kind of furnitutr, is, however, expensive.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

It is looking like a lovely airy space to work! You'll have to blow up a storm and get it just as you like it! X

crafty cat corner said...

Good luck with keeping tidy, my desk is littered once I start sewing.