Sunday, 3 June 2018

Sunday - not a sunny day.

Overcast as forecast.  But cooler so a smile from me.  Still warm though.  But not oppressive.

The DP was away for the day on a bird watching jaunt with the RSPB.  Up a mountain.  I managed my own breakfast.

After lunch I was off to the Prom.

The Gull Gang were chased off by two proper Scottie Dogs, you don't see many of them these days.

In case you are not sure what one looks like.....

My friend and fellow artist paints them a lot and lovely paintings too.

Marie Buchan.

This chap in his mobility vehicle is also walking his dog.  Though the dog is in the lead, it is on a lead.

Being very naughty, I began another canvas painting from one of my own photos.  Naughty as in I have not finished any of the work in progress, but then I can be naughty if I want. So there.  

As I had just got the drawing done the lady arrived to pick and take away the mound of rhubarb we have/had.  

We used to give it to a friend who makes marmalade, jams, pickles but she has moved back down to England, so I offered it on facebook and it has gone to a place which assists adults with special needs who have a soup and sweet fundraising event the first Tuesday in every month.  

I doubt this woman had ever prepared rhubarb before.  She pulled it fine and then proceeded to snap it off into pieces and into the bag.  When I pointed out that only the leaf could not be consumed she ignored me and threw over the fence as much as she was actually putting in her bag.  I hope not too many people will be expecting rhubarb crumble at this event.

Later on, the DP back and we were having our Sunday evening meal which is always for me cheese and Branston Pickle on toast, I have no idea why, but it is.  This appeared.

JESSICA!!!!!  RUSTY DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The DP is thrilled.  We now have mice, moles and a rabbit.  To add to the list for all the Wildlife lists he does for whichever organisation..

I am just glad the rats have not returned.  We are currently over run by baby Rooks being fed frequently with baby birds.  But this is nature in the raw.  In a rural garden. 

Not a sunny day.


Jean. said...

It's been crazy hot down here. We put up the gazebo and had a barbeque. It was about 5p.m. when we got it out and even though the shed had been open a little while, I was still wet through trying to get it and all the chairs, table and anti mozzy candles out. It was lovely when evening cooled down. Love the Scotty dog, it reminded me of the Bunty magazine where it was the emblem. Those rabbit pictures are beautiful.

rusty duck said...


Chris Elliot said...

The hare was very obliging to allow for photos. In my urban garden I have seen rabbits, mice, raccoons and lots of squirrels. Last week, unfortunately, a possum ended up drowned in my pool.

justjill said...

Chris it was a rabbit x