Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Still here.

I am still here !

Since Saturday when I was informed I had a fracture of the spine I have been recovering from shock.  I have now managed to get the Co-Codamol down from 4 hourly to 6 hourly. Apparently the easing of the pain leads to your being relaxed and the healing process can crack on. But still takes up to 3 months.  But I dont know when it fractured tho I strongly suspect the car accident I had 12 months ago and flinging the chariot into the car damaged more.....  But as I have yet to speak to the GP......

Yesterday, it being a beautiful day and no wind, the DP drove me to the beach.  Where I discovered being upright and walking slowly it didnt hurt - that much - to walk.  I did .59 of a mile.

Great Blackback Gull doing wing stretch exercise.

A first for me - a Razorbill.  The photo is by the DP as it dived every time I tried to focus.

A painting I did some time ago of a Razorbill.

The worst side effect of the pain killers has been Heartburn..  I am hungry but as soon as I begin eating my oesophagus  burns.  Fortunately wine does not bring this on....

I have so far avoided the laxative powder.  I am watching my diet !  But as a side effect is on breathing and I have COPD seems a strange one to prescribe.

Most of my information has come from Google.  I have still not heard from my GP....If nothing tomorrow I will phone and go through the stress of speaking to a receptionist...  I do have a lot of questions.

As I trawled my way down to the shedudio I noticed Spring was springing.

Daffodils about to burst forth.

Snowdrops out.

Oriental Poppy coming up.

The birds are also indicating that it is almost Spring as they are appearing in obvious partnerships and investigating nest boxes.  The DP has cleaned them out.

The DP took in my paintings to Cafe Connect in Fraserburgh for my exhibition.  They were quite happy that I have more to come !

Still here so to do.


rusty duck said...

I should bloomin' well hope you are still here! Glad that the pain is easing. The evening anaesthetic will help you relax as well.

Chris Elliot said...

Love the brilliant blue sky and sea in your photos! Hope you have more luck with the GP tomorrow. Lovely early bulbs in your garden. My shoots are, so far, less than an inch tall.

e said...

For someone with a spinal fracture you've done well so far. Glad the medication is helping and wish you continued healing and relief. Your photos are lovely, as always.

Terra Hangen said...

Of course you are in shock, what a health issue to struggle through. I hope your GP gives you an excellent course of treatment, for full healing.

Born and Bred. said...

It would be disastrous if food and wine had the direct opposite effects regarding heartburn. I trust you will be taking things very easy, look after your spine, it is the only one you've got.