Monday, 20 February 2017

Pain Relief.

Back ache.  It eases from getting out of bed (I scream) to moving about.

This morning I got up early (I screamed), so as to be on the phone at  8a.m. to the surgery for a doctors appointment.  It was engaged... But I did get through on the second attempt and nearly screamed with excitement.

Doctor prodded and poked.  I have an x ray appointment tomorrow morning.  But he nodded when I said, "Guess its old age."  He gave me a prescription for some cream to apply and told me to carry on with paracetemol - for now.  The cream has so many side effects I will wait for a diagnosis.  I have managed without the cream till now.

So - upwards and onwards.

40 mph gusts.  Battle on.

More pain relief. = Sit and watch the garden birds.

One of the many bully boys.  A Starling.  When the numbers increase so the little birds can't get near the feeders I apply a paint brush.  Sharp rap on the window.  Never fails.  And the little birds know that and return to the feeders swiftly.

Blackbird.  The other birds early warning system.  When a Sparrowhawk is near.

Painting.  = more pain relief.  Very therapeutic.  Almost finished these two.

And at the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to comment or not because although you have Anonymous on the identity box, you say they will not be published. No matter, I'll have a go just to say that I hope you get your painful back sorted out. I have painful hips and back all the time and can't stand for long before they get really bad. Usually I take extra strong paracetamol. They don't get rid of the pain completely, but they help.

Joan (Wales)

justjill said...

Thankyou Joan (Wales) I dont count that as anonymous. It states that so as to discourage the nasty comments which are always anonymous. I make light of the pain as thats the way I am made, daft sense of humour ? But it is so debilitating I feel for you too and thanks for the advice. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill, I soldier on as normal, but every now and then it does get me down, so there's not a lot else to do unless I want to be a misery to everyone, and that's not my way. I did have an x-ray on my right hip as that was the worst side and the result was that there was slight aging and degenerative wear there, same as at the bottom of my spine with a slight touch of arthritus. Hope you get better results than me, but if I remember rightly you did something to your hip when you were bending down. Is that right? Good luck.

Joan (Wales)

e said...

I hope you get everything sorted out and that the medication helps. I enjoy your photos and paintings. Cheers!

BadPenny said...

So sorry to hear that you are in so much pain.

My garden gets swamped by starlings but the other birds know when to visit. It is sweet hearing the baby starlings in the eves of the house next door & watching mum & dad fly in & out, then watching the fledglings led to my bird table. There is always one we call special needs as doesn't learn as quickly as the others like the runt of a litter of puppies !

Take care & I hope you get some relief for the pain. I am having a Bowen treatment this week on my back. It helped last time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill
I have just found your blog and really enjoy reading it, and marvelling at your stunning artwork.I am sorry to hear about your back, but had a chuckle at the picture of the glass filling with idea of self medication

I hope your feeling better soon

rusty duck said...

Have your blackbirds started singing yet? Two days ago here. Spring is sprung and moving north.
Hope the x-ray went well.

galant said...

Arthritic pain is truly awful, I know as I've had osteo arthritis since I was about 26 and pregnant with our first son. Lying down seems to be the worst position and we do need to sleep occasionally, don't we? And as you say, getting up is scream-worthy. I have it in my back, hips, shoulders, ankles and thumb joint of my left hand, so I do know how you're suffering. I take paracetamol at night, but nothing else. Years ago I had manipulations on my spine under a general anaesthetic but any relief was short-lived. I've been to an osteopath, again short-lived relief. More recently I had physio on my shoulder and was given exercises to do, but they made it worse - after all if the bone is worn away, exercising surely makes it worse? I can't offer any advice - not that you need it - only my sympathy for your pain.
Love your paintings!
Do you find the red wine helps or aggravates the condition? I don't drink wine as I don't like it, but I do enjoy a G&T occasionally (very occasionally - a bottle will last the two of us about 6 months.)
Margaret P