Thursday, 2 February 2017

Technology again aaaargh.

Strikes again.  The DP and I eat in the evening at the dining table.  Very civilised.  He sets the table cooks the meal and serves it.  I open the wine and set up the music which tonight was sounds of the 70s or some such.  It started with John Lennon and Imagine.

At the end of the meal the DP was getting ready for his Photographic Society evening when the phone rang.  One of the daughters announcing that he was taking part in a group video thing on his phone.....which he had started?  He must have sat on the phone or more likely pressed something as he put it in his pocket....

Mike started a group video chat Mike joined the group video chat.
Emily joined the group video chat.
Emily joined the group call.
Group video chat has ended
Ignore dad, he's gone way beyond a pocket phonecall and pocket video called everyone.

We hope the rest of the daughters and their families did not hear our usual, " Got your phone, wallet, camera, something to write on, stick (for the computer) and car keys?"
Reply, "Will you stop telling me what to do? Where the f*** are my car keys?"
Which so reminded me of this.

A new series of Ladybird Books. Many of us who are around my age will remember these books which we shoved at our kids. This is for us!

This book is hilarious. But I do not want to spoil it for you - or the retailers/publishers who all want their cut. Please look out the whole range of the new Ladybird books. And enjoy. I am not on any commission....

What the DP and I actually did today was have lunch out. During which he got a message on his phone so after lunch we went to a field near where we live. Yes a field. Every year there are thousands of pink footed geese come to stay for the winter.

There are occasionally rarities in amongst them.

And this was it. White fronted goose. (White above the beak.)

I then went down the shedudio and painted.

I am playing about with canvasses. You have to prepare with a substance to take the watercolour, then varnish when its finished. But no framing costs involved so you can offer an original at far less. Yes there is still a lot of effort - how do you price that fellow artists? Here you see work in progress.

And a 'normal' watercolour painting of Oystercatchers and their reflections. Well thats the plan.

Also work in progress.

No technology required.


Chris Elliot said...

The Ladybird books are quite funny. I gave my daughter `The Mom` for Mother`s Day last year. We were all in stitches, especially when the kids counted all the wine bottle corks!

kjsutcliffe artist said...

I used struggle at what to charge, then having derived at a price then would feel guilty for charging, until I listened to a very good podcast on 'the value of what you do' and she added at the bottom a couple of links - this is the one I used and now I know I am charging more 'accurate' prices, still less than they suggest but still far more in line with the amount of work that goes into a piece. Go and have a look and see what you think.

The podcast is KnitBritish - and although her slant was towards the knitted garment, the sentiments are the same and really helped with my insecurity of what to charge - hope this helps

Sue in Suffolk said...

Son and his new wife bought the new Ladybird How to be a Husband and How to be a wife -Hilarious. Must have taken an age to sort through all the 1000s of pictures to find suitable ones to include.

Your paintings are wonderful