Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Yesterday I tootled off our local hospital for an x-ray.  On my lower back.  The Radiologist was lovely.  I had to strip off apart from my knickers and boots.  One look at my face she said I could leave the jeans on.  Taking off boots to take jeans off and then put back boots would have taken me half an hour.  (My jeans I had to push down when he photo was took.)

So with glamorous backless gown I was ready.

"On your back and on the bed."  

Now I am 4 feet 11 inches.  I can sit on my own bed and slowly and carefully lie down on my right side and swing slowly and carefully the legs up on to the bed.

Even with the bed lowered I could not sit on the hospital bed.  How I got on to the bed I know not but it brought on the worst pain ever.  Lying back the staff are not allowed to assist me by my clinging on to them as I go backwards.  Health and safety.  The pain was now almost unbearable.

After the photo was took she asked me to turn onto my left side.  Now there is nothing to hold on to - she still cannot help me.  Then she said I could have that done standing up.  Great I thought.  Now I will get the medical workers way of getting me up and off.  Where they assist you via under the armpit?  No . Health and Safety.

I got off and stood up.  Again I dont know how I did it.  She brought me a chair to sit on while I waited for everything to be set up for a standing patient.  The look I gave her was enough.  So I was left standing leaning against something.  No idea what as I was in total agony.  So when she was ready and said dont move I almost laughed.

Then I had to get dressed and depart.

When I got into the car park I had three attempts at putting the chariot in the boot and I just couldnt do it.  Fortunately a lovely man spotted me and did it for me.

When I got home our gardener was in putting some trellis up and so he helped get the walker out.

I have been in constant pain ever since.  Far worse than anything experienced before.  Apart from child birth and you know thats going to end at sometime soon. 

I hope the photos came out okay as there is no way I am going back again.

Even though she was lovely.  Just following the Elf and Safety .....


Anonymous said...

I have been lurking reading your blog for a short while now. Your post today made me teary eyed. Why can the staff not assist you when you were clearly in agony and not able to follow the directions. Surely a little help was in order.


crafty cat corner said...

On the one hand I find this unbelievable but on the other hand I am not surprised. What has happened to our society that health and safety means they cannot help you. I practically give up on things..
I hope it doesn't take you too long to feel better, chin up.
Hugs from the south coast

Mum said...

No fun at all. Hope it eases soon.

Minigranny said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Elf and Safety is so ridiculous - which of us if we had been there would not have tried to help you up - it is just a matter of kindness. I have a job getting up from the osteopath's bed but it wouldn't stop me trying to help someone else!

e said...

Bureaucracy has made things more than a bit ridiculous. I hope you get some relief soon.

Anonymous said...

Been following you for awhile. I, too, sketch and watercolor some. You are a beautiful artist!
We have somehing else in common, I fractured the L1 vertebrae in my back on Feb 2nd. Here in the USA, we do NOT have the"best healthcare in the world".I am still waiting for a referral from my GP for the orthopedic surgeon and a CT scan. I won't be able to see the OS for 2 months!
Hang in there, I enjoy your humor thru all the foibles of old age and the pictures of your beautiful place. My Sweetie and I were just at the mouth of the Spey in Oct.


50 and counting said...

I'm struggling with shoulder injuries obtained from patients insisting that they need to use me as a human hoist to get out of bed.

We try and explain how to safely move themselves but the majority just grab us and pull in us.

Right now I can't lift my arm to shoulder height and my back is knackered.

I've been a nurse for 16 years