Friday, 24 February 2017

The upside.

Trying very hard to think positive.  

I managed to shuffle up and down the Prom/Esplanade.  Met office got it wrong again.  19 mph they said.  There was no wind.  Positive.

Fishing Boat returning to Harbour.

A flock of Linnets on the beach.

The Gull gang.

Oystercatchers by the rocks.

Finished the Harvest Mouse.

For the first time in my life, and apparently down to the Voltarol gel I am constipated.

I should save on loo roll.

Thinking positive.

And finally this is the 14th week I have not had a fag.  Altho one does wonder that having a new lease of life one overdid it which brought on the back pain..... Hey ho.


rusty duck said...

Piri piri chicken. With or without red wine. Works every time.

Chris Elliot said...

Mixed blessings but keep up the good work. I`m sure it will pay dividends.