Thursday, 9 February 2017

Keep going.

This is me all set for a walk on the Esplanade.

The Chariot with its pink tooter actually slows me down as without, my natural bent is, I walk fast.  But only 3 steps and then cannot breathe.  With the chariot I walk steadily for 6 steps and then gain control of my breathing !  It is quite heavy is the chariot.  It folds.  I lift it into the car boot and then out again and unfold it.

Yesterday I somehow managed to twist my body whilst lifting the damn thing either into or out of the car.

I am in agony.

However the advice is to keep moving with a bad back.  So tomorrow you will probably be able to hear me scream, from wherever you live, as I force myself to get dressed etc. and do it all again.  

1 comment:

Chris Elliot said...

Not fun, having a sore back. Definitely protect it from further damage. Hot baths in Epsom salts are my favourite remedy.