Friday, 10 February 2017


Well I got washed and dressed - with a lot of swearing.  

The DP came with me to the Prom (Esplanade - if you are a true Brocher from Fraserburgh its the Prom.  Apparently.)  He was to do the lifting out of the boot the chariot so that I could remain reasonably perpendicular and then walk.

Here is how it used to look.  But do they look like solar panels !

Well as we were driving down the road the sky got darker and darker.  Then it hailed and then it snowed.

I got very cross.

Especially when I could see out of the side car window the amount of bird life on the shore.

So we came home.  Three miles and it is brilliant sunshine. 

So my walk consisted of down the slope to the shedudio.

And more work on the small canvases.

This evening we had a visit from a local joiner who is to replace our leaky front door which also has condensation in the double glazed panel.  Could life get any more exciting?  He measured up and left the catalogues of front doors.  Do people actually inflict this view on their neighbours, visitors, delivery people.  Ah I think I will ask the post person which they prefer.

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Michael Clark said...

Thank you for posting the old photo! My grandma used to run that shop but I had not seen a picture of it! :-)