Thursday, 23 February 2017

Thursday. Where is Doris?

With the help of the Dawn Patroller I made it to the beach.

I dont know where Doris was but she wasnt here.  The wind was cold but not too strong.

Although the Oystercatchers and Blackheaded gulls were sheltering.

Normally when in pain from my back I have walked with no problem.  It has been sitting/standing and picking something up from the floor being a total no no.  But some considerable damage must have occurred during that torture of the x rays being taken as I was in pain whilst walking.  So I didnt get far.

But a first for me.  A Glaucous Gull.

That is he/she with wings outstretched.

Sorting feathers out.

On returning home I was able to admire our gardeners erection of the trellis which will screen the oil tank.  He also, previously, had removed a Berberis from there, where the trellis now is, which had become totally out of control and was taller than the oil tank and had encroached on part of the drive which we didnt know we had.  The oil delivery man is well pleased its gone.  Honeysuckle plants are to be purchased and planted and anything else I can find that bees like. ( Hope the bees dont upset the oil man.)

Then it was down the shedudio.  I have to have work ready for exhibiting by Tuesday next week.  No panic there then. Ha. 

The Rook is finished, varnished and waiting for his hanging bits.  Harvest Mouse still being tweaked so while that dried after some tweaking, only his whiskers to do now, I began this goose.

My work station. Well part of.

We appear to have missed Doris.  Those of you who have met her I sympathise.  A few years back, before they named these storms, we had one of our gales which took the shedudios roof off.  So I am glad she didnt come this way.  But the replacement roof was fitted and supplied by a boat building joiners.  So I no longer worry about Doris or will it be Eric next?


kjsutcliffe artist said...

She was here...... she flew in, made a lot of noise, filled the rivers to bursting point, flooded our local playing fields (dog loved it) and chilled the air to about 2 deg c. Glad she has moved on! How's the back?

justjill said...

Bloody awful. :)