Wednesday, 1 February 2017


As I am British I will first mention the changed weather.  Murky.  We woke to fog and we will be going to bed with it. Not a normal type of weather for the North East of Scotland.

Down to the Esplanade - not so foggy.  As I walked it rolled back to the horizon.



Most Wednesdays since I retired in 2011 I go to an art group.

Another member there was - challenging.  This came to a head last year when they were extremely challenging.  Not just to me but another.  Personally insulting with various false accusations and general nastiness.  Both I and the other person stood up for ourselves and the end result was the departure of the challenger.  

A few weeks back they returned to the art group as if nothing had happened.  I do not know how to cope with it.  Sitting there waiting for yet another challenge was not conducive to creating and learning the artistic things in life. Change.So I have left.

Here is our oil tank.  A huge Berberis has gone. Our gardener who removed the Berberis (and had bits of it blew off his trailer on the road I later travelled) was horrified.  I was thrilled to see we actually have a wider parking space.  Plus no more blood flow caused by the damn thing.  Anyway he is off to "Git sum trillis".  So possibly Honeysuckle, certainly something for the bees.  Although that might upset the oil tanker deliverer.....

Its a funny bit of the garden.

It is to the left of the house looking at the front of.  Scots Pines and not much else.  I will look out the aerial photos and post later.  The Yellow Duck on the fence post is another story for another day !

Ah as I say to my daughters "Nothing ever stays the same."

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Quite right that last statement and one I need to take to heart at the moment, so thank you for that.