Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Ye Gods its cold.  I expect people think I should be used to that sort of weather living up here.  But today was raw.  Having not left the house yesterday I was desperate to have my walk on the Esplanade.

I didnt get far.  

Even the Oystercatchers were huddled out of the wind on the rocks.

On the way home I pass a small pond.  We have had a lot of rain.  There are often a couple of mute Swans on this pond  The pond is much bigger.  I stopped and counted 12 Swans, mainly Whooper, with a couple of Mute.

Here are some of them.

Back home and down the shedudio.  

Continuing work on the canvas production line.  A trio of chooks.

Out of the window the garden birds nicely posed.

A female and a male blackbird.

I had a question from Lyssa as to what the dried flowers were in my window.


The dried flowers are from Allium flowers.  Which I absolutely love.  From bulbs these amazing flowers grow. 

As they fade and dry you can see their colour as was.  + imagination !

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Born and Bred. said...

Wishing I was back home in the Broch. Here in central NSW, Australia, the daytime temperature has been over 37 degrees celcius for the past 10 days.