Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines Day.

 I just realised I have a heart !  kjsutcliffe artist has had a heartathon which is now finished and then I find I have a heart.

Not surprising I forgot as this is where it is in our kitchen.

Above the window.  Hey ho.

The DP is absent.  He has gone to visit the daughters who have gathered in Edinburgh where three of them live and the other has travelled up from Lincoln.

Here he is with our newest Grandchild.

I have (taken a long time) made my own breakfast, emptied the dishwasher, laid the fire, put drops in the cats ear, put the chariot in the car, walked, bought the paper, and am about to make my own tea. Boiled egg I can cope with that.  

The DP is my main carer.  He does everything I struggle with or am incapable of when the COPD flares up or, as now,  I have twisted my back so if I forget to bend the knees I scream, and sitting and standing up I swear.  But everyone needs a break so he is having one.  He does the cleaning, bed changing, cooking, washing, drying either on the line or the dryer, fire laying, emptying ashes etc. etc.  For some time, and when I am ill he baths me.  Oh he does the shopping too and never forgets the red wine.  And listens to me wittering......Definitely needs a break.

My walk today was a very short one.  

Cold and windy.

Not many people on the beach.

Or birds.  There were more Oyster catchers but they didnt stay long.

Back home just as breezy.

Into the shedudio.  Fed the birds down there.

Just as windy!

On with the canvas paintings.

I need enough to have a small exhibition at Cafe Connect in Fraserburgh.

These two are on the drawing board. Along with the chooks needing tweaking.  The Harvest Mouse ditto.  But the Brown Hare is finished and has been varnished too.

I am now off for a cheese and wine party.  Me and Il Divo on full blast.  Sod the boiled eggs.  Happy Valentines.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

You have a heart!! You shall have just join in with us next year :) Your man sounds precious and wonderful, a definite keeper - take care of yourself x

e said...

I hope you enjoy yourself. Happy Valentines Day to you!

Chris Elliot said...

A very deserted beach, except for the wildlife. What are these little birds with the red crest at your feeder? I just get plain old brown sparrows, very uninteresting!