Sunday, 5 February 2017

Technology v craft.

This morning the Dawn Patroller went off before dawn to patrol the gardens and grounds of Haddo House.  Adding to his bird list challenge.  You can read his blog - its on my side bar.  2017 My Birding Year.

I tried to understand the instructions for the new camera.

So I managed a selfie.

So off I went for my walk to the Esplanade.

A heavy rain shower meant I sat in the car for a while and pressed a few buttons.  The camera kept asking me to put the date and time in.  I didnt know how. So I ignored it.

This is the Kessock Burn entering the North Sea where often sea birds congregate.

Further to the left looking out to sea.

Then I found the zoom button.


So I am thinking Technology rocks.  I came home I downloaded the photos onto the laptop.  Then I couldnt find them......  Ah thats why you put the date in.  I eventually found them in January 2016. Presumably when the camera was created....... Present time and date now set !

On the Art front.  I experimented with sending off a couple of my originals to Photobox to be put onto canvas. ( I am getting no £££s from Photobox.)  I was well impressed.

The reproduction of my originals is excellent.  

I am continuing with painting onto canvas with the help of some ground.  This enables you to use watercolour paint on to it.  Once finished it does have to be varnished as watercolour should not be exposed to light and muck, hence it is usually framed in glass.

This is 10 x 10 cms. The subject at the request of my grandaughter.  The Hare and the Cat are prints onto 30 x 30 cms.

So I now have a production line !  These are all 10 x 10 cms.  

Just have to do the exciting bit now and - paint.  Already begun some hens and a hare.  A brown hare this time.


Pat Chester said...

Can I ask what you prime your canvases with for watercolour. I like watercolour but tend to use paper.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I love the zoom on my big camera too, the photo I took of a full moon was amazing. Brilliant being able to zoom in on birds too

justjill said...

I am in the house now. And the priming stuff is in the shedudio so I will get the details for you tomorrow. I got it from the SAA from memory its David somebody's ground. I have always used paper but the economic climate has led to down sales on art and I had noticed small pieces and small prices were selling so much against my artistic bent I thought I would give it a go. And it has been fun.

Lyssa Medana said...

You do such beautiful work! x