Sunday, 19 February 2017

Fine day !

I think over 20 people said that to me while I was shuffling up the Esplanade.

The natives are very friendly round here.  "Aye. " was my reply.  

As indeed it was.  I can't talk and walk.  Normally its a smile exchanged and a nod.  

Today, being a Sunday, the prom and beach were busier.

And a lone paddle surfer.

Not many birds due to the amount of people, kids and dogs.

So home again jiggety jig.  Bit of Garden bird watching waiting for paint to dry.

I had a question as to what this bird is.

This is a Goldfinch.  We have lots visit our garden.  In the feeder are sunflower hearts which most of the birds love.  Goldfinch also love Niger Seed which is tiny and the holes in the feeder - not shown today - require a pointed beak to access.

Blue tit.

Great Tit.  We also have Coal tits but they are so quick I struggle to catch them on the camera.  Will keep trying.

We have masses of Tree Sparrows.  More than House Sparrows, but there are some.  Tree Sparrows have the chestnut brown spot on their cheeks.

Female Chaffinch.

and male.  I will try and capture the other birds we have visiting.  We spend a fortune on bird food - but it's worth it.

Back to the painting.  On the production line today.

Why I agreed to do an exhibition .... I also prepped some more canvases. The DP has been getting the finished ones strung for hanging.  I am enjoying the challenge.

Fine Day.

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e said...

Quite an assortment of avian life. I would spend a fortune for them, too. Best of luck with your exhibition!